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- First 30 Minutes Free to New Subscribers

Rebtel, the people's global communications company, today slashed in half its rates to Nigeria so Nigerians living abroad can call their loved ones at home for just 9.9 cents per minute.

It's the best of all the networks I have ever tried, said Daniel Mejabi, an English teacher at Lanzhou Jiatong University, in Beijing. Added Harmony Home, a Nigerian entrepreneur in New York City: I love Rebtel. It's genuine, and a real value for the money. Rebtel doesn't charge when the line is busy nor when there's no answer. Other phone companies do. Long live Rebtel!

There is no charge to set up a Rebtel account. No monthly fees, no connection fees and no hidden costs. And, all new Rebtel customers who use the voucher code NigeriaApril when they sign up this month and purchase at least US$10 of calling time will receive 30 minutes of free calls to Nigeria.

To try Rebtel for free go to

Who is Rebtel?

Not yet 3 years old, Rebtel was started by serial entrepreneur Hjalmar Winbladh, his business partner Jonas Lindroth, and 14 like-minded rebels who began work with a unified mission: take the phony out of mobile telephony, and create the first genuinely good, honest, and trustworthy global mobile telecommunications service that saves people money. With Rebtel, they promised, there would be no hidden clauses. No small print. No secret charges.

Rebtel's technology vision was equally straightforward: Shrink the world, make it a friendlier place, and bring people worldwide closer together by making all phone calls local.

How Rebtel works

Rebtel gives people local phone numbers in the country where they live that connect them directly with their friends, family or work colleagues who live abroad.

That means, for example, Rebtel gives someone living in Texas a local Texas phone number that connects them directly to their friend or family member in Nigeria.

There's no access number to dial, no PIN to remember, or long international phone number to enter. The person in Texas only dials a local Texas phone number and Rebtel connects the call over the Internet to their contact in Nigeria.

This concept of making all calls local was invented by Rebtel - something never done before. And when the world heard about Rebtel on May 17, 2006 at the Innovate Europe conference in Zaragoza, Spain it was named one of Europe's top three new startups, and received acclaim from leading business and technology press all over the world.

The beauty of Rebtel's service is it was designed from the start to be used with any mobile phone - even the most simple, cheap phone - without modification, software downloads or changes to the calling plan you already have with your cell phone provider, said Winbladh.

Today, Rebtel is available in more than 50 countries around the world, and is doubling in size every three months.

People can spend hours surfing the web to save a few dollars on an airline flight, but for some reason they've given up on the idea that they can be just as smart when it comes to making phone calls, said Winbladh. People are spending hundreds of billions of dollars calling abroad, roaming and sending SMS with their mobiles. Yet, there's something they can do for a fraction of the price, without changing their phone or carrier, and start saving real money.

Getting started with Rebtel is fast, easy and free 1. Go to and enter your number and a friend's number in Nigeria. 2. Rebtel creates a local number where you live that you can use from any phone, anywhere. 3. Save the number in your address book and use it any time. It's yours forever.

We believe our service is the future of international calling, said Winbladh. It's easy to use, has great call quality, and above all it offers serious savings for ordinary people. There's no smarter, easier way to make low-cost international calls on your mobile phone than Rebtel.

About Rebtel

Rebtel is a global calling service for individuals and business. With Rebtel it's possible to call any phone, anywhere in the world, for just pennies per minute. Rebtel's services can be used with any mobile phone without modification or software downloads. There is no charge to set up a Rebtel account. No monthly fees, no connection fees and no hidden costs. Anyone may make a free 10 minute call to test the service. Thereafter, customers only pay for the minutes they use. Smart Calls between the 50 counties served by Rebtel are always free and only one of the two people on a call have to be a Rebtel customer. For more information, or to start using Rebtel services, go to

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