TORONTO, March 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Redknee , a leading provider of business-critical billing and charging software and solutions for communications service providers, is working with various leading operators to address the new EU mobile broadband roaming regulations and enhance their customer experience capabilities. These comments made by Redknee's CEO, Lucas Skoczkowski, come in response as the regulation by the European Commission, which requires mobile operators to cap the usage of mobile broadband services in order to avoid situations resulting in excessive charges, or 'bill shock', occurring while customers are roaming in the European Union (EU), came into effect on 1 March.

We have been working with various leading operators in Europe to help ensure that they are compliant to all of the EU roaming legislation requirements, stated Lucas Skoczkowski. This has led to further conversations about how operators can deliver enhanced pricing transparency and real-time communication to their customers, while they are at home as well as abroad.

Redknee's Next Generation Rating and Charging platform (NGRC) enables operators to provide their customers with greater transparency and visibility into the services they use and their associated charges. In addition to providing the capability to control usage by currency, as stipulated by the European Commission, NGRC also enables operators to effectively rate and charge for data by application, volume and time. This enables operators to price and charge for their data services in everyday terms, such as two movies or three days of service, giving subscribers the confidence to try new services because they understand the charges that will be incurred.

The real-time functionality of NGRC enables operators to provide meaningful and timely balance notifications to their customers, such as when their balance is reaching its threshold. Ultimately, operators can develop a new business model where real-time communication along with greater transparency and flexibility of pricing and visibility into usage, closes the chasm between the operator and its customers, resulting in new revenue streams, increased service adoption and improved customer satisfaction.

Redknee's Next Generation Rating and Charging engine is powering some of the world's most innovative mobile operators as they provide their subscribers with the best customer experience possible, added Skoczkowski. At Redknee, we are continuing our investment in solutions that serve the high growth markets of Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, along with the Tier-1 markets of the Americas, Europe and Australia, to support the success of our customers and the execution of our growth strategy.

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