LONDON, April 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Ricoh Europe ( is offering businesses increased opportunities to achieve cost savings, increase productivity and reduce environmental impact, with the expansion of its Managed Print Services. The enhanced services are available as a global or local implementation and stand out in the market by offering a full lifecycle approach to document management. The holistic solution can be embedded into the workflow of an organisation to meet its unique and specific needs. It includes consultancy, hardware, software, maintenance, management services, office solutions and document process outsourcing throughout the entire document lifecycle.

Ricoh Managed Print Services will help customers lower operating costs and optimise their document management workflows. By working in partnership with its customers, Ricoh can initiate savings up to 30% plus additional timely benefits and improvements into the future.

As well as a complete service to assess and define the current document output, security risks, and document bottlenecks, Ricoh Managed Print Services will unlock the hidden costs and environmental impact of energy and paper consumption.

Ricoh Managed Print Services improves upon existing Managed Print Service offerings due to its fully comprehensive approach. Once the installation is complete and customers have gained the initial savings, the solution is monitored to ensure that it achieves the agreed performance and further improvements are generated into the future. This is achieved using defined service levels and key performance indicators. Processes are also implemented to maintain the benefits, keep costs under control and provide continuous management and service activities reporting.

For maximum impact, Ricoh will partner closely with its customers to understand their needs, and provide recommendations to transform their document workflows. Customers gain more transparency over their document costs, can reduce the workload of their IT support and drive productivity.

Using the capabilities of Ricoh Global Services, which has one of the largest direct operations in the industry, Ricoh can expand the document solution from one customer site to all locations in a region or to across global sites. Multi-layered security ensures secure printing, for example, file encryption and removable hard drives can be integrated to protect information across business sites.

Jim Potter, Executive Vice President, Operations, Ricoh Europe, says, It's a time for businesses to change the way they view their document output. As the volumes of digital information continue to grow, the necessity to more closely manage the document increases. Transparency and governance are crucial if businesses are to make the best use of their document technology. Our expanded Managed Print Services helps businesses to keep one step ahead and effectively manage their document workflows.

Ricoh's Managed Print Services are available across Europe or from Ricoh Global Services globally from April 2009.

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Ricoh Europe PLC is the EMEA Headquarters of Ricoh Company Ltd., the leading global manufacturer of office equipment, located in London, United Kingdom and Amstelveen, the Netherlands. Ricoh's EMEA operations comprise 35 sales subsidiaries and affiliates. In the fiscal year ended 31 March 2008, revenues from Ricoh's EMEA operations totalled over Yen 603.2 Billion accounting for 27.2% of the company's global revenues. Ricoh's worldwide sales increased by 7.3% totalling Yen 2,219.9 billion ($ 22.2 billion).

For further information, please contact: Ricoh Europe PLC Janice Gibson Tel.: +44(0)20-7465-1153 E-mail: Home page:

For further information, please contact: Ricoh Europe PLC, Janice Gibson, Tel.: +44(0)20-7465-1153, E-mail:, Home page: