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- Tellabs accelerates optical transport networks

NXTcomm08 -- Service providers need networks without speed limits. They need unlimited bandwidth to deliver video, business and mobile services. Simpler and more scalable Carrier Ethernet capabilities on the Tellabs(R) 7100 optical transport system (OTS) surpass networks' current speed limits.

Clear the road

Providers must upgrade existing transport networks and provide Carrier Ethernet services to stay ahead of user needs. They need to cost-effectively ensure carrier-class reliability, which means their networks must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The new capabilities of the Tellabs 7100 OTS, including the Tellabs(R) 7100 Nano(TM) OTS, make deployments simpler and more efficient -- with lower start-up costs.

-- ROADM DWDM optical network components formerly mandatory are now decoupled and are optional on the Tellabs 7100 OTS family. The Ethernet, SONET and SDH capabilities can be deployed without ROADM DWDM. This new flexibility enables simplified provisioning and reduced start-up costs for smaller applications, while maintaining the ability to easily and cost-effectively upgrade to ROADM DWDM support as demand increases. The on-ramp to the convergence highway has never been smoother. -- ITU-T Recommendation G.709 Optical Transport Network (OTN) based transport support will enable transparent high-capacity services. Providers can carpool their Carrier Ethernet, video, Storage Area Network, SONET and SDH services on a shared infrastructure, scaling capacity as needed. -- Additional new capabilities enable more traffic to travel along optical highway lanes. Enhancements to traditional Ethernet over SONET/SDH transport enable a 20% increase in Gigabit Ethernet port capacity, and support 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports as well. More traffic on existing lanes improves service and network efficiency.

"These new capabilities of the Tellabs 7100 OTS enable our customers to upgrade their networks quickly," said Mark Pashan, vice president and general manager of optical transport products for Tellabs. "Ethernet services are more flexible, and users receive more bandwidth exactly where it's needed as network demands increase."

The new Tellabs 7100 OTS capabilities will help customers win the race to advanced Carrier Ethernet services by the end of 2008.

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