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- Licensing experts to offer a full scale system for mechanical clearance to record labels, distributors, and online music retailers.

Privately held and employee-owned NY-based RightsFlow, LLC -- a music, media and entertainment-focused professional services firm, today announced the launch of its Outsourced Music Licensing Solutions. RightsFlow offers outsourced music publishing licensing and royalty systems to record labels, distributors, online music retailers, and any other company engaged in distribution and sale of recorded music.

These services provide a cost-effective end-to-end solution for publishing licensing, including copyright owner research, obtaining and administering publishing licenses, royalty calculation, and accounting to publishers. RightsFlow's services relieve the burden of publishing licensing and royalty administration from record labels, distributors, retailers, and others, and allow such companies to save time and effort, reduce overhead costs, ensure content is being distributed legally, and get more product to market.

RightsFlow's licensing expertise covers the breadth of the US and European markets and licensing practices. These services provide a particular boon for labels and distributors based outside of the US, who would like to distribute content for sale in the US, but are unable to license from US publishers.

RightsFlow's royalty services include comprehensive reporting for publishing uses in the US.

In the United States, record labels, and in many instances distributors, are required to license, account, and pay publishers for digital and physical sales on a song by song basis. A decentralized publishing market coupled with a general lack of availability of publisher and songwriter information has turned publishing licensing into an expensive, frustrating, and legally challenging endeavour. RightsFlow addresses this problem by functioning as an agent for labels, distributors, and retailers to clear licenses with publishers, calculate royalties, and provide accounting reports.

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Privately held and employee-owned NY-based RightsFlow, LLC -- a music, media and entertainment-focused Professional Services & Outsourced Music Licensing Solutions. Our team has over 20 years of music and entertainment industry experience in business development, rights negotiations, and creating and running a variety of successful innovative programs. RightsFlow is a philanthropy minded company and we donate 5% of our net revenues to fight world hunger by supporting WHY (World Hunger Year) and their Artists Against Hunger & Poverty Program. To learn more, please go to

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