LONDON, May 13 /PRNewswire/ -- After nearly two decades of development, determination and sheer graft in the face of considerable scepticism, RockTron's pioneering new UK eco-mineral processing plant for fly ash near Widnes is now on line. Over and above the significant environmental benefits, RockTron can now offer the hard-pressed cementitious industry a range of superior cement components at half the price of CEM1 (Cement)!

RockTron is a world leader in innovative recycling technology, transforming coal-fired power station waste (fly ash or PFA - pulverised fuel ash) into valuable, eco-minerals on an industrial scale. Its new UK plant located at Fiddler's Ferry, near Widnes in Cheshire will process 800,000 tonnes of fly ash annually. Unlike other technologies, RockTron's new plant is designed to process both fresh and stockpiled fly ash, representing a fundamental advantage over its competitors. RockTron has, in effect, solved the problems of large-scale waste storage and removal, site remediation and conservation of natural resources. This breakthrough in beneficiation is a world first and vindicates RockTron's scientific and commercial argument, which has attracted a sizeable investment from their environmentally conscious investors.

RockTron's proprietary process offers for the first time a consistent year-round supply of superior main constituents for cement and cement combinations at higher substitution levels than conventional fly ash that outperform GGBS on price! RockTron's high quality eco-minerals include: glass spheres ranging in particle size from 1 to +45 micron, carbon with purity in excess of 90%, cenospheres and spherical magnetite. The RockTron beneficiation process separates the majority of unwanted materials from the fly ash that are detrimental to concrete. This allows RockTron eco-minerals to be used in greater proportions in cement and concrete than has been possible in the past with unbeneficiated fly ash. Under BS EN 450 fly ash substitution is restricted. However, while RockTron Alpha fully conforms to BS EN 450-1:2005+A1:2007, substitution can in fact exceed 50%. Independent testing at Kirton Concrete and research elsewhere is currently underway to assess substitutions greater than 60%.

Given the current recession, RockTron's timing could not be better. With the GBP's decline against the Euro, many UK producers of ready mix and precast concrete, grout and speciality concrete products see RockTron as a way to counter variable raw material costs. This is because RockTron eco-minerals can outperform on quality, durability and price - saving money and adding profit directly to the bottom line! They are also immune from euro/dollar currency fluctuations. Furthermore, by using RockTron recycled materials and eco-minerals, manufacturers can command a green premium for their own end products.

The cementitious industry is looking for ways to regain competitive advantage over steel and other materials which often have a much greater embodied energy. RockTron represents just such an opportunity!

Lord Wade, Chairman of RockTron Limited

RockTron has successfully resolved many of the issues traditionally associated with the use of unprocessed fly ash, namely: high carbon content, variable quality and seasonal fluctuations in supply. Unlike ordinary fly ash, RockTron eco-minerals typically have less than 2% LOI (Loss on Ignition), are manufactured to a consistent high quality and are available in constant supply - all year round. Consequently, concrete can be manufactured more cost-effectively, using environmentally sound recycled materials that offer a low embodied energy solution while providing a more durable end product that both lasts longer and grows stronger over time.

They said it couldn't be done but RockTron is now a reality! It has been an outstanding team effort led by Philip Michael. Our new RockTron eco-mineral product range is exactly what British industry has been looking for - a 100% recycled eco-substitute that is economical and performs better than the original!

Dr John H Watt, CEO of RockTron Limited

RockTron represents a major opportunity for the UK cementitious industry to significantly reduce their manufacturing and supply chain costs, while dramatically cutting large-scale CO2 emissions. Every tonne of cement currently produces approximately 0.82 tonnes of CO2 (more than 5% of annual man-made CO2). RockTron estimates that for every 500,000 tonnes of RockTron Alpha used as a substitute for CEM1, up to 450,000 tonnes of CO2 could be saved. This would go some way to addressing the environmental criticisms of the industry by the government and the media.

RockTron's commissioning is expected to continue for the next few months as it works closely with customers to optimise production, quality and consistency of supply. The new plant has attracted a lot of international attention and RockTron is currently negotiating the construction of additional, larger plants in the USA, Europe and Asia. For technical information: visit

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