NOERRESUNDBY, Denmark, February 4 /PRNewswire/ -- The interest in DECT ULP has been overwhelming since RTX and SiTel announced it.

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Embracing Automation Control Applications with DECT

With the advent of DECT ULP, new application areas can be addressed. A very central feature in ULP is interoperability with an existing DECT/CAT-iq infrastructure, since this will open up a completely new world of opportunities in which DECT ULP devices can be connected to the Internet or LAN through, for example, a CAT-iq enabled Gateway or IAD. Other key features of DECT ULP are:

- Native Internet connectivity - Native audio support through CAT-iq - Operation in a reserved frequency band - reducing interference issues - Full compatibility with previous DECT / CAT-iq generations - Low power consumption when compared to other low power technologies - Low cost - it builds on mature and proven technology - Leveraging installed base and IAD/Gateway Connection

With the DECT ULP technology we now have the opportunity to take DECT a step further and exploit market opportunities in a completely new market area. And the best thing is that you do not have to wait - the technology is ready and, with chipsets from SiTel supporting DECT ULP and SW packages from RTX, you can get a head start today, says Lasse Anker Knudsen, Technical Marketing Manager at RTX Telecom A/S.

Our expertise in designing flexible and cost-efficient DECT chipsets combined with RTX's ability to create flexible SW solutions has been the perfect match in the realisation of DECT ULP. Today SiTel takes a giant leap into new 'green' applications with DECT ULP support in our chipsets, says Arend van der Weijden, CMO at SiTel Semiconductor BV. The solutions of RTX and SiTel Semiconductor are leaders in this field.

Availability and solutions

The target for the DECT ULP technology is primarily Automation Control applications, but it in general it is feasible in a wide number of other application areas. To facilitate easy and fast DECT ULP integration and product development, we provide a flexible Software Development Kit (SDK), which is offered in three different configurations - Basic, Value, and Premium. RTX also offers system design services to product developers who want to integrate the DECT ULP technology into their products or product platforms. Get a head start and benefit from the opportunities in DECT ULP with RTX.

About RTX Telecom A/S

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Further information:

Lasse Anker Knudsen, Technical Marketing Manager, RTX Telecom A/S, Tel.: +45-9632-2300, e-mail:, Stroemmen 6, DK-9400 Noerresundby, Denmark


CONTACT: Further information: Lasse Anker Knudsen, Technical MarketingManager, RTX Telecom A/S, Tel.: +45-9632-2300, e-mail:,Stroemmen 6, DK-9400 Noerresundby, Denmark