NOERRESUNDBY, Denmark, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Get a head start with the new DECT/CAT-iq USB dongle and start adding more value to your Internet Gateway with cordless HD voice and advanced CAT-iq features.

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RTX has developed a generic DECT/CAT-iq 2.0 USB dongle based on SiTel chipsets SC14450 and LMX4180. The primary objective of the program has been to produce a generic USB interface that makes integration of the dongle a simple task on both new and existing host products, enabling these devices to take advantage of the features provided by DECT and CAT-iq.

About the dongle

The dongle is basically a DECT/CAT-iq base station with a USB interface. It is very flexible, ranging from simple telephony to the features provided via CAT-iq.

- Supports CAT-iq 1.0 including HD voice - Supports CAT-iq 2.0 features - Four audio lines via the USB interface - Uses existing standard Windows and Linux drivers - Firmware updates via the USB interface - DECT 6.0 for the US market Add cordless high quality telephony capability to hosts like: - VoIP enabled Broadband Gateways (i.e., DSL and Cable Modems) - IP PBXs for SMB applications - Wired IP telephones - Set top boxes - PCs (i.e., soft phones like Skype)

The solution comes with a complete Software Development Kit (SDK) that simplifies host integration of dongle support.

Availability and solutions

The dongle is part of RTX's CAT-iq platform and includes a Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK includes the host C++ classes needed to take advantage of the dongle features, a demo application, and host example source code. The SDK comes with an HTML based documentation package. The SDK is available for evaluation free of charge.

RTX offers the dongle and SDK as a reference design that can be licensed, or RTX can put the dongle into production and deliver it as ODM.

About CAT-iq

CAT-iq (Cordless Advanced Technology - Internet and Quality) is the global technology for wireless broadband home connectivity and is available in a protected frequency band almost world-wide. CAT-iq technology supports new and exciting products for wireless home applications such as voice communication, infotainment, and home control. The technology is able to access next generation IP-based networks and provides intelligent standalone solutions for end-customers. For more information about CAT-iq please visit

About RTX Telecom A/S

RTX Telecom A/S is an internationally oriented company whose objective is being the preferred development and production partner for advanced wireless communication solutions. RTX Telecom consists of three business units, each with wireless expertise. The business units are RTX Technology, RTX Products, and RTX Network Systems. The company's headquarters is located in Denmark with offices in the USA, Hong Kong, and Brazil. RTX Telecom A/S is listed on the Nordic Exchange, OMX. For more information, please visit

Further information:

Ole Bjerg, Program Manager, RTX Telecom A/S, tel.: +45-9632-2300, e-mail: Stroemmen 6, DK-9400 Noerresundby, Denmark

Further information: Ole Bjerg, Program Manager, RTX Telecom A/S, tel.: +45-9632-2300, e-mail: