ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, February 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- ThinkFun Inc., the leading creator of mind-challenging games, announces the much awaited and highly anticipated launch of its original Rush Hour as an Android application, available for free in the Android Market beginning today.

Our customers around the world have been asking for a Rush Hour app, the iPhone version was introduced in November 2009, and now the Android application joins the Rush Hour family, says Bill Ritchie, ThinkFun co-founder and CEO.

Rush Hour is the smartest and most challenging logic puzzle on the Android platform and is packed with exclusive features, such as:

- All New Challenges -- The free application has 35 original challenges and the US$1.99 full version has 2500 Challenges -- With each version, the challenges range from beginner to expert that will entertain novice players and test advance players with super-hard expert levels. - Perfect Score -- Rush Hour for Android tracks the number of moves players make to get out of the traffic jams and compares them to the shortest, most efficient path possible. Even exceptional gamers who manage to solve all of the puzzles can't claim mastery of Rush Hour until they have tallied the perfect score on each challenge. - Solve Button -- No matter where they are in their challenge, the solve button will show players how to solve it, and then put them back where they left off so players can learn and complete the challenge themselves.

Rush Hour is a timeless classic, and Parents' Choice rated it one of the Best 25 Toys in 25 Years, says Liz Deakin, Director, Marketing and Sales at ThinkFun. Rush Hour is a game that should be in every home and on every cell phone. With digital distribution being the platform of the future, it was a company priority for ThinkFun to quickly introduce Rush Hour to the Android Market. You can find the Rush Hour/Android app for free in the Android Market on your handset - categories: Games - Brain Puzzle. For more information visit

About Rush Hour The story of Rush Hour began almost 15 years ago, when famed Japanese inventor Nob Yoshigahara traveled to America looking for a game company that shared his vision of excellence and his passion for puzzling. Bill Ritchie and ThinkFun co-founder Andrea Barthello knew right away they had found something special in Yoshigahara and his puzzles. The inventor changed ThinkFun forever, and remained a close friend of the company until his death in 2004. The original Rush Hour board game continues to be a world-wide best seller, winning numerous gaming awards including the Best 25 Toys in 25 Years Award by Parent's Choice Magazine.

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