LONDON, June 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Samsung and Ideaworks are announcing an ongoing partnership to deliver a range of application developer tools and content services. Initially, this will comprise of Ideaworks adding SamsungApps support to the latest incarnation of their native development Airplay Software Development Kit (SDK).

This first element of the partnership will offer significant benefits to both application developers and Samsung mobile users alike. In the case of developers, by adding Samsung Apps support this opens up opportunity on Samsung platforms supported by Airplay. Developers can start with Airplay SDK in advance of these phone launches so that applications that leverage their unique capabilities hit the market at the same time as the devices.

With Airplay, these new platforms can be addressed by a single binary of an application, dramatically improving the economics of multi-platform development. Airplay will attract new developers to SamsungApps' platforms, offering more variety and creativity to the expanding SamsungApps portfolio and, as a native platform, there are no compromises in performance so the user experience is enhanced.

For consumers, the partnership will allow the rapid migration of the world's best applications to Samsung devices. This rich portfolio of applications will create a more diverse and personal experience that will engender a true bond with the Samsung handsets.

With Airplay SDK allowing developers to use a 'One Push to Deploy' approach across all platforms the economics of mobile application software development begins to make sense.

Samsung's new mobile product line up is world class. Given the breadth of choice that Samsung is offering to the market, it is imperative that the needs of the developer are taken in to account.' stated Alex Caccia CEO of Ideaworks 'By choosing Airplay, Samsung is enabling a single sales channel through its SamsungApps program and a single development path across its portfolio resulting in a better economic rationale for development of applications.

About SamsungApps

SamsungApps is an on-device and PC-accessible application store dedicated to Samsung smart-phone users.

Users of supported Samsung smart-phones can browse, search, download and purchase a variety of applications in multiple categories, including games, references, social networking, e-books and health-related tools.

Additionally, Samsung Smartphone users can take advantage of Kies (pronounced kids), a free software download that allows users to browse, search and purchase applications directly from their PC. Applications that are downloaded using Kies will be installed onto the compatible device when synced with the PC - providing instant backup of all application downloads.

Service availability may vary by service provider and country.

About Ideaworks Labs

Ideaworks Labs is a privately held technology company headquartered in London. Founded in 1998 with a strong Oxford and Cambridge computer science and electronic engineering pedigree, the company has an unparalleled track record of creative innovation and technical leadership in the field of cross-platform mobile applications. The Airplay platform is the result of over 8 years of research and development into high-performance native multimedia applications on mobile devices, and has powered ground-breaking and award-winning titles such as Konami's Metal Gear Solid Mobile, which won Best Game and Operators' Choice accolades at IMGA 2008.

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