LONDON, December 4 /PRNewswire/ -- It seems that Frances and Shaun will be at the top of Santa's gift-list this Christmas morning. Research by School Stickers, the leader in secondary school rewards, has revealed that children with these names are the most likely to behave well.

But little girls called Meghan and little boys called Rory may not have so many presents to open on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, children with these names appear to be more prone to naughtiness! However, as this is only the 'draft' list kids still have three weeks to improve their behaviour!

The study revealed that boys called Shaun, Calum, Ali, Brandon and Samuel are the most likely to receive School Stickers rewards. But parents should be wary of naming their sons Rory, Harvey, Bob, Tyler or Brad as these names appear least often among recipients.

Mums and dads are more likely to have an easier time if they have a daughter called Frances, Kelly, Stacey, Eve or Aisha, all names at the top of the School Stickers reward 'league'. But if their little girl is named Meghan, Georgie, Izzy, Jess or Joanna, they could have trouble on their hands!

School Stickers supplies 3,000 schools with stickers, postcards and certificates which teachers give pupils for good behaviour and achievement. Teacher's can have online codes on the rewards and this year over 62,000 pupils registered online to create an online sticker book and compete in competitions using these rewards. Analysis on the registration name and stickers collected reveals who got awarded the most stickers - the nicest - and who got the least - the naughtiest!

The research also found that boys really are naughtier than girls who on average receive far more school rewards than their male counterparts.

Henry Shelford, CEO, School Stickers said, Obviously young people are all unique and just because a child's called Meghan or Rory does not necessarily mean they're going to be little terrors! Equally parents with children named Frances and Shaun should not assume they have little angels. This is a light-hearted study, but one that highlights the value of rewarding pupils who try hard and behave well. Our scheme has been trusted by thousands of schools to reward pupils for good behaviour and achievement ever since it was created by a teacher in 2000, and we're proud that our products motivate and inspire young people, whatever their names!

Nicest Girls Naughtiest Girls Nicest Boys Naughtiest Boys Frances Meghan Shaun Rory Kelly Georgie Calum Harvey Stacey Izzy Ali Bob Eve Jess Brandon Tyler Aisha Joanna Samuel Brad Fiona Cara Steven Curtis Melissa Maria Alfie Paul Fatima Josie Mohammed Toby Louisa Niamh Martin Carl Annabel Erin Dylan Nick

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SOURCE: Schoolstickers

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