LONDON, December 9 /PRNewswire/ -- It seems that celebrity Katie Price may be misunderstood after all.

Girls named Jordan are much more likely to behave well than boys called Peter, according to the latest findings revealed by, the leader in secondary school rewards.

The study shows that young Jordans are among the children most likely to receive reward stickers at school, ranking an admirable 11th out of 184 girls' names.

But children called Peter have work to do if they're to be on Santa's gift-list this Christmas, with the name way down the boys list at 72nd out of 118.

Elsewhere however, the research seems to reaffirm public perceptions, with the findings revealing that children named Harry (78th) appear much less often among the male recipients of reward stickers than those named William (34th).

And some would say naturally, those named Chelsy (140th) appear much more prone to naughtiness than well-behaved Kates (29th) in the girls list.

Last week's festive research found that boys named Shaun and girls named Frances were the most likely to receive the rewards, while Rorys and Meghans appeared the least often among recipients. Such was the level of interest in our headline findings, we've been asked to reveal the full research.

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The nation's voters may be interested to know that children with the same name as the Prime Minister tend to be reasonably well behaved with those called Gordon coming 58th out of 118 boys names. But little Davids are even better, ranking 37th.

And for the movie fans among you, Brads are among the worst behaved children, languishing down in 114th place among the boys, while Angelinas are even naughtier, down in 164th position on the girls list.

Henry Shelford, CEO,, said, Our study analysed good behaviour and achievement stickers awarded to more than 62,000 pupils throughout the UK, enabling us to come up with a draft `naughty and nice' list for Santa. Such was the level of interest in our headline findings, we've been asked to reveal the full research, and as you can see, there are some intriguing results when it comes to celebrity names. It's a light-hearted and fun piece of research, but one that highlights the value of rewarding pupils who try hard and behave well.

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