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- Launches the Campaign for Happiness

How happy are you? Would you like to be happier? Join's Campaign for Happiness and watch your daily happiness soar!

What is it?'s Campaign for Happiness is to remind everyone that we're here for a good time, not for a long time by bringing you Top Tips for Happiness. will be publishing daily Acts of Happiness for the nation to commit and asking you to send in your own Top Tips for How to be Happy. The best contributors will win prizes and a select few will win limited edition I'm Happy, press here for details badges.

Backed by dozens of celebrities, shares their Exclusive Top Tips on How to be Happy

Swim at dawn on an empty Cornish beach David Cameron. Cuddle more. Tickle more. Sleep more Claudia Winkleman. Believe the best in everyone, it's amazing if you live by this mantra how rarely you are disappointed, and it makes the world seem a much happier place Charles Dunstone. Wear a fabulous smile, great jewellery and know that you are totally and utterly in control! Donatella Versace. As Joseph Campbell said, Follow your bliss Peter Gabriel

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By using the campaign to raise funds for Cancer Research UK hopes to help more cancer victims hear the happiest words of all: All Clear.

Harpal Kumar, Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK says, We're really delighted to be benefitting from The Campaign for Happiness. It's only with everyone's support that Cancer Research UK can fund the research that is saving lives today, and that will help us achieve our vision of beating cancer

How can you get involved? - Follow us at for your Daily Act of Happiness - Commit an Act of Happiness and tell us how it was for you, or give us your own Top Tip for Happiness at - Post photos of your Happy Face on - Post a video of yourself doing something happy-making on - Become a Happiness Hero by making a donation via - Make the world a happier place by getting your friends involved


Founded by Kate Reardon, is a community website featuring user-generated content. It allows people to post their problems and others to suggest solutions - it's a direct backlash against all those up-tight, celebrity lifestyle gurus who can't remember the last time they did their own laundry.

The problems range from the prosaic (how to get red wine out of the sofa) to the profound (how to cope with bereavement), and most have inspired three or four solutions. However, the problem How to be happy? provoked an outpouring of tips. We know people want the answer as it's one of our most searched tips, but the sheer number of responses means that it's the one issue about which most people also feel they have some little grain of goodness to share.

We want to pass on those tips, invite even more, and create a rolling Campaign for Happiness at a time when the nation is in need of a boost.

So what is the secret of happiness?

Alain de Botton, the philosopher and best-selling author, when interviewed exclusively for The Campaign for Happiness said:

One of the things we like to do is hear other people's problems and try solve them - after all, this is what is about. So that's what makes people very, very happy - to be able to solve other people's unhappiness.

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