MUMBAI, India, December 17 /PRNewswire/ -- The outsourcing industry has, in recent times, been full of reports highlighting concerns about security of information shared with vendors during outsourcing. Though the events have been related to global companies the reports are mostly from outsourcing hubs like India. Earlier this year, two undercover BBC reporters exposed a New Delhi-based fraudster involved in data theft. They captured him, on tape, selling confidential credit and debit card details of British customers for $10 apiece! Another high profile case this year was the arrest of the director of a BPO unit data theft based in Pune. UK-based Scanning and Data Solution had tied-up with the BPO for the processing of medical records of patients. Computerisation of thousands of medical data is outsourced to India each year and with sensitive data reportedly available for as little as $4 each, the possible scenarios are grim.

Lack of stringent provisions for data security at the BPOs leaves the task of data protection in the hands of the enterprise itself. No mean task considering the huge volume. So how does an enterprise protect its business, its customers and its reputation while still enjoying the benefits of outsourcing?

One such case is of HDFC Bank, one of Asia's largest banks with more than 1,500 branches spread Asia and Africa. Owing to its large scale of operations, HDFC Bank depends on many outsourcing partners and frequently sends confidential information to its partners for processing.

HDFC Bank's requirement was to enable business partners to process the data without being able to misuse it. The solution? Seclore InfoSource - an end to end encryption solution for outsourcing operations, to secure information shared with business partners.

HDFC is able to send its data in an encrypted form and configure it for specific uses. It can restrict the number of computers it may be accessed on, number of users who may access it, number of times it may be used and many other parameters. For example, HDFC may configure the information it sends to agencies for bill printing by limiting it to be used and printed only once and configuring it to self-destruct after two days. Thus, precise usage parameters will control the data even after it leaves the enterprise.

Easy and smooth to integrate in existing business processes and involving minimum changes in infrastructure and can also significantly bring down compliance costs.

Hear it from Vishal Salvi, Chief Information officer of HDFC Bank giving an insight on this through Seclore blog: -

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Seclore is a high growth software product company promoted by IIT Bombay. Seclore's products FileSecure and InfoSource help mitigate the risk arising out of information breaches and regulatory non-compliance whilst enhancing collaboration. This is done by providing ubiquitous technology for information control within and outside of the enterprise which seamlessly works with existing infrastructure, is easy to deploy use and comes with pay-as-you-use pricing. Seclore's clients include Panasonic, Thyssenkrupp, Allianz, Larsen Toubro, ICICI Bank HDFC.

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