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- Fully-integrated Security Event Monitoring, Incident Response, Log Management and Compliance Reporting is Massively Scalable, Cost Effective and Easy-to-deploy and Use

Splunk, the IT Search company, and GlassHouse Technologies, a global IT consulting and services firm, announced today the immediate availability of the Splunk Enterprise Security Suite (ESS). Jointly developed by Splunk and GlassHouse, Splunk ESS brings the power of enterprise security information and event management together with the fast ad-hoc search, flexibility, scalability and easy-to-deploy benefits of Splunk in one integrated suite. For the first time, enterprises with limited security resources can harness the power of Splunk to turn all their IT data into security-relevant information.

As the search engine for IT data, Splunk can index logs, events and activities generated by any application, server or network device without complex connectors, custom parsers or expensive database deployments. GlassHouse adds security operations domain knowledge that Splunk ESS users can now leverage to correlate IT data and provide insight into the security posture of their organizations. Splunk ESS is a robust solution that integrates security, compliance and operations activities and enables enterprises to achieve faster incident response, more comprehensive security and compliance reporting and lower security operations costs.

The Splunk Enterprise Security Suite is immediately available directly through Splunk, its channel partners and as a managed service offering, called Interrogate, through co-development partner GlassHouse. Splunk and GlassHouse are currently delivering Splunk ESS and Interrogate to Motorola and other enterprise customers.

Splunk ESS is an enterprise-class security suite built on the Splunk Common Information Model (SCIM) and supports both Common Event Expression (CEE) and Common Event Format (CEF) for interoperability of event data with other security and log management solutions.

Today's enterprise security environment is characterized by an increasingly dynamic threat landscape driving a rapid escalation in the number of potential security incidents and the cost of dealing with increasing risk and exposure. In their 2009 Market Outlook for IT Security, Forrester Research estimates the cost of enterprise security operations will increase by 18% in 2009 over 2008.

This first release of the Enterprise Security Suite demonstrates the power to create breakthrough applications that leverage the Splunk engine and its universal indexing. Making all IT data universally available means we can knock down the silos that have traditionally kept individual security, compliance and operational functions separate and cost IT organizations a lot of money, said Michael Baum, Chief Corporate Business Development Officer and Co-founder, Splunk.

Leveraging Splunk's powerful engine has allowed us to create security services providing significant business value to our customers, said Mark Shirman, Chief Executive Officer, GlassHouse. Our managed service offering, Interrogate, helps customers understand how to use the data in their log files to better manage their security environment. Together, GlassHouse and Splunk have created the next evolution in IT security management.

The Splunk Enterprise Security Suite is a collection of security applications consisting of packaged searches, correlations, reports, dashboards, visualizations and analysis integrating a wide variety of security use cases including:

-- Security Posture Overview -- Compliance Reporting -- Endpoint Protection -- Event Monitoring -- Incident Response -- ISO 27002 Governance -- Log Management -- Network Protection -- User and System Access Reporting -- Forensics

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