EDISON, New Jersey, November 16 /PRNewswire/ -- netForensics, a leader in the Security Information Management and Log Management markets, today announced that it is offering a specialized Incentive Crossover Program for Cisco Systems' MARS customers who need additional support in the wake of last week's announcement that they will not expand support for third-party device feeds for their MARS product. As part of netForensics' specialized Incentive Crossover Program, the company is offering MARS customers a 30-day risk free trial of its nFX Cinxi One appliance.

netForensics' specialized Incentive Crossover Program can augment the existing investment in the Cisco MARS appliance or fully replace it for the cost that they're currently paying in maintenance and support. This offer also gives MARS customers the opportunity to implement nFX Cinxi One, netForensics all-in-one SIM and log management appliance, under a 30-day risk free trial period. After the 30-day trial period, customers may purchase nFX Cinxi One for what they're currently paying for their yearly MARS maintenance and support or they can sign up for netForensics no risk quarterly subscription plan.

We recognize and continue to deliver on the importance of supporting the entire architecture of an organization which includes a blend of Cisco and non-Cisco devices, said Dale Cline, CEO of netForensics. We've been working with Cisco for many years and have developed not only deep integration with Cisco devices but the industry's broadest support for non-Cisco devices and applications. In addition, we've added log management capabilities to our solution. This puts us in a unique position to help MARS customers with mixed environments to meet the demands of compliance mandates and continue to protect their infrastructure.

nFX Cinxi One provides a robust and cost-effective approach to security and compliance that delivers increased functionality and a smooth transition allowing previous MARS users to realize true end-to-end security event management, from log collection and storage, to real-time monitoring and incident identification, to remediation and full documentation for regulatory compliance.

nFX Cinxi One combines complete log management capabilities with powerful correlation technologies to give organizations of all sizes and architectures the following features:

-- Unparalleled visibility into your security and compliance posture -- Integration with Cisco AND non-Cisco devices -- Prioritized threat identification, alerting and remediation guidance -- Comprehensive log management reporting for compliance and audit -- Stronger correlation capabilities and pattern identification -- Extensive on-board log storage with fast access to your event logs

For more information about this specialized MARS Incentive Crossover Program or other netForensics solutions, please visit the company's website at http://www.netforensics.com or call +1-866-525-5666.

About nFX Cinxi One

nFX Cinxi One offers SIM and log management in a single appliance for organizations of all sizes, and is especially suited for companies with budgetary and resource constraints. Cinxi provides a complete view of enterprise security posture and rapidly identifies suspicious patterns of activity that would otherwise go unnoticed. Multiple views of security information are tightly integrated with reporting and analytics to rapidly and intuitively pinpoint true threats.

About netForensics

netForensics security information and event management solutions enable organizations of all sizes to rapidly identify and respond to threats and adhere to ever-changing compliance regulations. Our software and appliance products collect and centralize volumes of event log data to deliver accurate, actionable, real-time security intelligence. netForensics offers its award-winning nFX Cinxi One, recognized for its ease of deployment and management, and the industry's only solution that combines security information management (SIM) and log management on one appliance. For over a decade, our nFX SIM One software solution has helped enterprises, managed service providers, and government agencies around the world to manage risk, protect their assets, and maintain compliant operations. For more information visit: http://www.netforensics.com

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