LONDON, July 15 -- Syntill8 Ltd., technical experts in 8-bit microcontroller IP,
today announced a reseller agreement with Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq:
MENT). Under the agreement Syntill8 will sell and support Mentor’s
industry proven 8-bit microcontroller Intellectual Property (IP) cores. This
collaboration provides continuation to those invested in this highly stable and
widely used core by providing direct support, maintenance upgrades and product
family enhancements. Syntill8’s CTO is the original designer of the
majority of Mentor’s M8051 IP products.

Mentor’s M8051 microcontroller cores have a long and successful
deployment history. They have been licensed to dozens of companies for use in
both ASIC and FPGA designs, and hold one of the largest market shares for 8-bit
microcontroller IP due to their high quality and long-standing availability. The
first product in this microcontroller family, the M8051, was first released in
early 1992.

With 8-bit designs continuing to account for 40% of the total microcontroller
market, 8051 technology has a bright future and continues to be one of the most
widely used microcontroller architectures. As the standalone controller market
matures, the 8051 is increasingly finding a new role for itself performing
peripheral controller functions in complex multi-processor systems. Syntill8
microcontrollers are well suited for this new typical utilization.

The key to successfully using third party IP is to obtain a high quality
product in conjunction with exceptional technical support, said Caroline
Beasley, Director of Sales and Marketing for Syntill8. Our technical staff not
only designed 75% of Mentor’s M8051 product line, they have been directly
supporting Mentor’s M8051 customers for over a decade.

The Syntill8 team has provided Mentor customers with outstanding support for
years, said Aaik van der Poel, Mentor Graphics Continuing Engineering Division
Business Unit Manager. We are pleased to formalize our arrangement whereby
Mentor can refer its M8051 customers to Syntill8 for support services. This
agreement secures their 8051 investments with a path into the future with
updates and upgrades when and if they are under active maintenance.


The Mentor Graphics’ M8051 microcontroller cores and support services are
now available from Syntill8. Stand-alone support contracts are directly
available from Syntill8 to Mentor’s M8051 IP customers. Standard
deliverables include synthesizable RTL source code and testbenches in both
Verilog and VHDL. Also included as standard deliverables are simulation scripts,
example netlist, in-depth documentation, and example synthesis and DFT scripts
for Mentor and Synopsys flows.

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