LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS, Switzerland, November 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Legendary Swiss watchmaker, TAG Heuer (, has always kept up with the times and embraced the latest technological advances in order to maintain their avant-garde status. In this age of social media, TAG Heuer is continuing its pursuit of excellence through its Internet strategy which has been labelled as brilliant. It was also awarded first place in the Watches category of the Digital IQ Index: Ranking the Digital Competence of Luxury Brands ( survey carried out by the Luxury Lab of New York University's Stern School of Business .

We are especially proud of this honour which acknowledges our constant desire to develop our brand's relevance and quality in the new media, explained Stephane Linder, TAG Heuer's Marketing and Design VP .

Among the various factors that the survey attributes to TAG Heuer's superior position, it highlights its international search engines optimization strategy which has been developed in partnership with IC-Agency, a company specialising in Luxury Digital Marketing. This strategy not only includes classic search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing), but also leading search engines in emerging markets such as China (Baidu) and Russia (Yandex).In the USA, the search engines optimization is handled by Morpheus.

The survey further highlights TAG Heuer's ability to produce rich, interactive content whose viral potential (in the style of the video The Duel (, starring Steve McQueen and Lewis Hamilton) is embellishing the brand's profile within the social networks.

Finally, the survey underscores the quality of its client services offered through its official website, , which confirms the brand's ability to use these new communication methods to stay connected with its customers and to provide them with exclusive and prestigious services.

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About TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer has been the world's number one brand of watches and sports chronographs since 1860.

As a legendary Swiss watchmaker, it has always profited from its interactive relationship with the sports world and, as a result, has created the world's most accurate time-keeping instruments and sports watches. TAG Heuer is the first watchmaker to have perfected luxury chronographs with unequalled precision of 1/10th, 1/100th, and 1/1000th of a second.

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