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- Renowned Domain Becomes Brand's Global Portal

Bodog Europe joins Bodog Asia and the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group in celebrating the triumphant return of as the Bodog brand's global online portal. Bodog's US brand licensee, the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group, acquired the domain earlier this year and will be operating its site at that URL. However, the world-renowned domain will be the global portal for all brand licensees worldwide.

The return of the domain will be extremely positive for all of the brand's licensees and will prove hugely beneficial as Bodog Europe continues to accelerate our market penetration here in the UK and Europe, says Bodog Europe Managing Director, Keith McDonnell. Type into any browser, anywhere on Earth, and you'll be directed to the appropriate brand licensee site - hopefully ours.

The Bodog brand licensing model is absolutely unique in the sector - it is the only online gaming brand on Earth that is licensed to multiple operators, each of us holding the exclusive rights to the brand within our territories. The strength of the brand, coupled with deep regional expertise, makes this model truly powerful. And, by the brand licensees sharing this global portal, we can each multiply the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and campaigns and leverage coordinated search engine programs - this is just one example of many of the fantastic synergies made possible by this pioneering business model.

Business benefits aside, the rebirth of the domain was an exciting moment for us all at Bodog Europe - we are thrilled to be a part of the return of one of the industry's most prestigious and recognizable domains.

The official return of the domain is just one of a growing list of achievements and milestones, marking 2009 as a banner year for the Bodog brand. With an expanding market and a number of upcoming product and market announcements, 2009 is shaping up to be among the brand's best years.

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