RENNES, France, February 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TazTag, the French expert in contactless technologies, confirms its intention to supply the market with a complete range of NFC products and will introduce its latest product, the TazPad, an NFC ANDROID tablet, at CeBIT 2011.

The only product of its kind on the market

TazTag will unveil its new product, the TazPad, the first NFC ANDROID tablet on the market at the CeBIT. The TazPad is equipped with a 7-inch color screen that has multitouch capacity as well as a full HD and HDMI output that connects via WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and ZigBee (as do all TazTag products). Other available TazPad functions include a camera, a GPS device, and an accelerometer.

As part of its secure hardware and software architecture, this product, which is unique on the market, also features a biometric authentication option. The tablet works with Android, thus appealing to the largest mobile applications developer community.

A product highly anticipated by professionals

This tablet is perfect for professionals. It links the back end system with the vendor and their customers. For example, after biometric authentication on the TazPad, a vendor may provide specific information on products, read his client's loyalty card (card or NFC phone), book orders on site and even register a secure payment.

The TazPad, without the biometric option, can also be used at aisle end displays or store window to inform a customer about a product presented to the tablet, to compare products, or to retrieve a promotional coupon using their NFC phone.

Integrators and service providers can develop and customize new contactless applications according to their clients' needs and expectations thanks to the TazPad.

The technology has been available for some time though mobile devices were missing to use the technology to its full potential. TazTag intends to provide the ideal object to service providers and users, an NFC Android Tablet, available by Q2 2011.

Demonstration of the Tablet

TazTag will demonstrate its range of products, including the Android NFC Tablet, from March 1-5 at CeBIT 2011, at the UBIFrance Pavilion, Hall 9 Stand B09.

A demonstration session for the press will take place on Wednesday, March 2nd at 2:00 p.m. at the demonstration space of the UBIFrance Pavilion- Hall 9.