HANOVER, Germany, February 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Hanvon Technology Co., Ltd., the world's leading e-reader manufacturer and also the world's leading handwriting recognition, OCR and biometric identification technology supplier and a new-generation consumer electronics pilot, will bring its full-line products to attend CeBIT2011 in Hanover, Germany (Hanvon booth No. A11-20-1/Hall 17). Its major product lines, including e-book readers, graphics tablet and display, tablet PC, will be exhibited on this fair, hoping to make use of the world's top ICT fair to introduce Hanvon's technologies and products into the international market once again and also to create more opportunities for the global ICT industry to contact and know Hanvon and to display Hanvon's determination to march into the global digital reading market.

Hanvon has its own R&D team and manufacturing plants. It not only has complete control over its core technologies but also can fully master the manufacturing process and quality control of its products. With years of accumulated profound technologies and outstanding R&D capabilities, Hanvon has become a bright star in the intelligent identification field. Its R&D efforts and new-generation consumer electronics products have attracted heavy attention from the world.

The world's first large-screen 200dpi high-resolution e-book reader and the world's first large-screen color-screen e-book reader, will debut on CeBIT2011. They each have a 9.7-inch E INK screen, supporting WIFI, 3G wireless Internet access, and have powerful supporting reading functions, network capabilities and business office software. So, they can achieve perfect, high-quality paperless office and reading. They can be manipulated smoothly and conveniently with a Hanvon electromagnetic pen. Combined with a Hanvon third-generation pressure sensitive electromagnetic pen, they can allow users to comment, modify and excerpt articles on them conveniently and thus completely achieve paperless reading and more accurate and fluent writing.

Hanvon Sentip (one of the Pen Display) is a specialty of industry applications. The Hanvon booth on CeBIT2011 will fully show you that Sentip integrated with educational software can be used as a solution for school education. This set of teaching aids will greatly promote the application and development of Sentip in Germany's education field.

On CeBIT 2011, Hanvon will display the above 6 product lines, hoping to become an Internet-based integrated high-tech enterprise through R&D, product manufacturing, channel sales, content integration and service innovation.