SYDNEY, May 26, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The Australia CeBIT Exhibition brings together many guests on May 25 as the award ceremonies for eight awards, including the Excellent New Media Award, Business Advantage Award and Excellent Technology Service Award. The Hanvon N618 e-book reader, representing the leading technology in the electronic reader industry, stands out from over 60 products with its outstanding technology advantages and content services, won the Excellent New Media Award.

Australia CeBIT is the leading information and communication technologies exhibition in the world, and is also one of the global series exhibitions of the renowned Hanover CeBIT expo. As the most influential electronic technology products exhibition in the Southern hemisphere, Australia CeBIT has attracted much attention from the industry since its inception in 2002, and the number of professional attendees exceeded 150,000 in 2009.

According to the organizer, an entry for the Excellent New Media Award can be an end product, a service platform or a company that provides an innovative product or contents. The Hanvon e-book reader N618 was recognized by the judges for embodying an all-new media form as it presents digital books and newspaper to readers conveniently through a combination of the product itself and content services through the Hanvon E-book Store.

As an all-new business model, the Hanvon wireless e-book store that interfaces with Hanvon e-book readers has achieved initial success in its operations in China. The e-book readers can be connected to Hanvon E-book Store through WiFi, so users can download a large number of books for free, or only pay a few yuan for one book for some popular ones. In addition, the Hanvon Wireless E-book Store also offers free downloading of newspapers and magazines, so that readers can read dozens of articles from national and local newspapers as soon as possible. Some time ago, a popular book was downloaded over 300 times in one day, which reflects the success of the business mode. The Hanvon e-book reader is no longer a single-product concept, but an all-new and convenient media form for cultural communication.

As a leading enterprise in the Chinese electronic reader industry, Hanvon has developed a service mode that has a promising future. It signed an agreement with the China Written Works Copyright Society on May 10 to further enhance its content resources, and there are nearly 30,000 book categories in the E-book Store. In terms of media, over 40 newspapers and 120 magazines, including Jinghua Times and Global Times, have signed strategic partnership agreements with Hanvon, and the numbers still keep increasing.

Hanvon has performed well and impressed people deeply on the international stage, from the America CES in January, to the Hanover CeBIT in March, to Australia CeBIT where it won the Excellent New Media Award. Hanvon will develop a more intelligent screen form based on the e-book reader product, i.e. the forth screen product that is a mobile, a computer and a TV all in one. The product is user-friendly and interactive, and will facilitate an innovative application experience enabling the user to access information, entertainment and communication.

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