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- Latest version provides transformational enterprise risk management capabilities to global enterprises across innovative consolidated framework

Texert, a leading provider of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solutions for global customers, announced today the general availability of J-Port(R) GRC. One of the powerful new benefits is the user centric operational capabilities of J-PORT(R) GRC. J-PORT(R) GRC enables users to customize reporting of critical risk and compliance data and create centralized views of the data models across organizations in a hierarchical structure. The combination of user-tailored customization and the data model flexibility provide the unique foundation of J-Port(R) GRC.

As market dynamics evolve beyond regulatory compliance to include a broader range of risk assessments and enterprise intelligence, Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions must meet these new market demands. Regulatory and ratings organizations are focusing on ensuring executives have the necessary information to gauge the accumulated risks across the entire enterprise, their linkages, correlations and impacts, and the preventive and mitigative measures in place to accurately assess risk.

Next generation enterprise risk management solutions must enable a comprehensive approach across the entire organization and provide the transparent view of potential weaknesses and correlations across multiple business units.

Organizations are pressured from many angles to define and implement enterprise risk management strategies. It is critical that organizations select a technology architecture that is flexible and can support a true enterprise risk management strategy. There are a lot of failed risk management initiatives because of selecting a technology platform that basically was SOX on steroids and could not truly manage an enterprise risk program. - Michael Rasmussen, President, Corporate Integrity.

Texert's J-Port(R) GRC provides a truly accessible and adaptive ERM measurement and control system that brings application intelligence, automation, customization and flexibility to the enterprise risk management solution. Customers spanning various industry verticals including financial, insurance, energy, telecom and healthcare require next-generation product capabilities that enable a lower cost of ownership, enterprise-wide transparency and seamless integration into existing environments. J-Port(R) GRC provides the differentiated solution required to address these needs.

The J-Port(R) GRC difference: - APPLICATION INTELLIGENCE - J-Port(R) GRC translates operating environment intelligence into the self-assessment process that objectively scores and centralizes silo risks and subjective analysis. - AUTOMATION - Risk automation that delivers real-time monitoring of ERM and its component risks resulting in real-time performance monitoring for systematic evaluation of operational risk. - FLEXIBILITY - J-Port(R) GRC enables a holistic data model that provides adaptive response and supports the mapping of any regulation or compliance issues into a single model. - CUSTOMIZATION - Users can tailor the information and views that are available in the workspace interface, allowing for customized, targeted and more accurate risk assessments. - SEAMLESS INTEGRATION -J-Port(R) GRC enables the seamless integration of compliance and risk functionalities and allows users to assess risk and controls data in a more efficient manner.

J-Port(R) GRC provides Texert's clients the flexible comprehensive platform required to immediately address ERM challenges. More importantly, we provide a transformational risk management system that provides a transparent view of enterprise wide risks and eliminates the need for silo-based solutions. With J-Port(R) GRC, executives have intelligent risk management and control systems that adapt to the natural evolution of the enterprise and its challenges in this dynamic climate, stated T. Curtis Holmes Jr., Texert's President and CEO.

About Texert

Texert is a leading provider of enterprise risk management (ERM) software solutions. Texert's J-Port(R) GRC is the next-generation Governance Risk and Compliance solution that enables a comprehensive view across the entire organization. Global customers spanning various industry verticals are utilizing Texert's J-Port(R) GRC software to consolidate risk assessments, governance and internal controls into a synchronized platform.

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