NIEUWEGEIN, Netherlands, April 23 /PRNewswire/ --

TNT Post, the national postal operator for The Netherlands, has selected BancTec as its new partner for Scanpost, a recent initiative to meet the increasing demand for digital receipt of incoming mail. Customers of Scanpost will receive same day delivery of their incoming mail, which is rapidly scanned, digitally sorted and processed, and then delivered directly to the required department or business process. As a result, incoming mail processing requires far less time, space and expense, while response to customer correspondence will be much faster.

This is a wonderful opportunity for BancTec to demonstrate how our hardware, software and services solutions integrate to create one of the most robust and flexible transactional content management platforms available, said James Silcock, European Business Development Director, BancTec. We look forward to working with TNT Post to further enhance the capabilities of this digital mail project.

TNT Post selected BancTec for its expertise in the area of intelligent document processing. The combination of BancTec's key technology and processing knowledge, together with the logistics strength of TNT Post, makes Scanpost a powerful and flexible service for its customers. Moreover, BancTec also provides TNT Post with its outsourcing capacity, both in The Netherlands and internationally. With the help of BancTec, TNT Post is now able to supply its large customer base with the digital receipt of incoming mail.

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