LONDON, April 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Over 2000 senior traders from buy and sell side firms are gathering at the 10th annual TradeTech 2010 conference and expo on the 20th - 22nd April 2010 in London.

This year, organizers of the TradeTech event decided to strengthen the effectiveness of the conference by increasing the meeting opportunities among all participants through a dedicated networking website, pre and post event:

This space allows each participant to browse and search on: - The program schedule and profile of each speaker, - The list of sponsors and those representing them, - The complete catalogue of exhibitors and teams present at each exhibition stand - The full list of participants and organizers (via a search engine based on business criteria)

Initiate a dialogue with participants, find the right people and arrange appointments in advance

Each category allows any TradeTech participant to: - Initiate a chat with the speakers pre-event to discuss their conference topic expectations - Anticipate who will be on the stands to advertise services - Schedule appointments with exhibitors - Trace known persons - Arrange business appointments with members on a direct dialogue basis - Continue discussions with fellow participants post event

During the three days of the TradeTech event, all participants will be able to access and the WBR team will be onsite to help new comers to the service navigate the website and identify how the system can help individuals to meet business objectives.

An efficient partnership with The Financial Markets Network:

WBR has selected FinRoad to set

The entirety of this site is produced, developed and hosted on the Financial Markets Social Network platform:

This partnership benefits to WBR in two ways: - It rapidly implements a networking site dedicated to TradeTech completely customized both in terms of graphic and functionality - It allows each participant to benefit from the 20 000 members of the FinRoad networking site developed specifically in the financial world markets.

About WBR

WBR is the one of the world's biggest large-scale conference company and part of the PLS group, one of the world's leading providers of strategic business intelligence with 16 offices worldwide.

Every year over 10,000 senior executives from Fortune 1000 companies attend over 100 annual conferences - a true Who's Who of today's corporate world. From Defence events in Prague to Logistics conferences in Arizona and Finance summits in Hong Kong, WBR is dedicated to exceeding the needs of its customers around the world.

About FinRoad

FinRoad for Financial Markets professionals

FinRoad is a fast-growing networking platform for Financial Markets professionals, with free and exclusive smart matching tools to detect and develop business, career and networking opportunities based on a sophisticated classification of financial markets by sub-sectors, functions and asset class expertise.

In order to deliver the most relevant content and suggest the most useful connections, FinRoad uses a sophisticated matching engine based on a unique matrix created by its experienced management and their deep understanding of the industry and the goals and challenges of each line of work.

Opened on an invitation-only basis in 2009, FinRoad quickly became a leading Online Community for professionals in Financial Markets, with members in more than 100 countries across the sector including trading, investment banking, asset management, hedge funds, brokerage, etc.

FinRoad for Financial Services companies

FinRoad ( also offers companies from the industry (brokers, asset management firms, exchanges, data/software vendors, etc) highly targeted marketing tools based on its new B2B marketing and social media platform that helps these organizations to:

- know their customer better and manage customer loyalty in the long term through dedicated services for client communities (example - develop their business and find new clients in the Financial Markets sector through the power of very targeted marketing activities using social media. For further information, please contact: Hannah McCulloch Head of TradeTech Marketing +44(0)20-7368-9439 Arnould Moyne FinRoad, CEO +33-9-52-29-22-67 Follow us on Twitter @FinRoad, @Fin_Events


CONTACT: For further information, please contact: Hannah McCulloch, Headof TradeTech Marketing,, +44(0)20-7368-9439;Arnould Moyne, FinRoad, CEO,, +33-9-52-29-22-67; Followus on Twitter, @FinRoad, @Fin_Events