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- Axispoint Strategic Briefing November 19th - IBM Southbank

The growth of Virtualisation indicates that the technology offers a more cost effective way of managing and maintaining infrastructure and applications. But according to Axispoint's Brian Shafer, Virtualisation expert and former Project Manager for Microsoft Windows XP SP2 and XP x64 Edition, it's not that simple. Like all technology in the Hype Curve, 'there are hidden costs, pitfalls and implications of deployment', Shafer says.

At the forthcoming Axispoint Strategic Briefing being held at IBM in Southbank on 19th November, Brian will be exploring the real strategic benefits of Virtualisation technologies, unpacking the hidden costs and pitfalls of implementation, and comparing and contrasting Virtualisation solutions. The event will target IT Directors, IT Managers, and Technicians who are responsible for application management, business continuity, desktops and data centres.

Brian continues: 'I've sat down with numerous CIOs in the last 18 months and reviewed their cost benefit model justifying Virtualisation. The reality is that too often the anticipated benefits stream isn't realised because many of the current problems simply don't go away. People underestimate the impact on their Exchange environment, their ability to reduce platform costs and ongoing support overhead.'

'We have noticed an increasing interest in Virtualisation but a lot of people are confused by the choice of options available -- Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare, ESX or others', says Peter Borner, Managing Director of Axispoint Solutions in the UK. 'IT Heads wanting to realise the benefits of Virtualisation need to plan carefully to choose and implement the right technology for their organisation and set the right expectation of benefits realisation.'

It is this first-hand knowledge that will be most valuable in the session on November 19th, as Axispoint will share how they advise clients on deploying IT to manage risk and compliance, and optimise their organisations for maximum performance.

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About Brian Shafer, Director, Axispoint, Inc.


Brian is a Director at Axispoint and a leading Enterprise solution architect and technologist. Brian heads new go-to-market initiatives including Dynamic Data Center; the Strategy of Virtualization; and Microsoft as the ideal next generation platform for web-based innovation. Brian's responsibilities include managing global alliances and building highly productive and fun teams that sell and deliver innovative solutions.

Before joining Axispoint, Brian had an award winning career in Enterprise Architecture and system development including the role of Project Manager for the Windows Client teams during the Windows XP Service Pack 2 release; Lead Program Manager for Windows XP x64 Edition release; and as a Senior Enterprise Strategy Consultant for large private and public sector customers. Additionally, Brian has spent time in network and system administration, project management and team management for both Private and Public sector organizations including MCI, Mobile Oil, Fannie Mae and the United States Department of Defense.

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Axispoint Solutions Ltd specialises in advising clients on deploying IT to manage risk, compliance and optimising their IT solutions for maximum performance with the largest BPM systems deployment and team in the UK and have successfully delivered projects to clients such as EMI Publishing, Home Loan Management, Wolters Kluwer and University of London Hospital. Our product competencies are Tibco, Lombardi, Microsoft, Global 360 and amongst others.

CONTACT: Deborah Kay, 07711-332-928, or

Deborah Kay, 07711-332-928, or