LONDON, December 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Mixing the concepts of blogging and tabloid news,, is a brand new 'tablog' for those working in the gaming industry, providing real-time news, views and under-the-covers reports on all aspects of the gambling business.

Despite only currently being in its beta format, with the official launch party not til May 25th 2010, the tablog already commands the number 1 spot for a Google search on gambling conference directories. The tablog will allow for open debate on all companies, people and issues within the gaming world - we don't ask that you keep it clean, just legal!

So what's different about - The tablog will not restrict you talking about any company, your own, or a competitor - You will be free to upload your own reports... react to existing ones - Promote your own campaigns...but accept the reaction of others - Enjoy exclusive video coverage from all the major conferences or upload your own - Your views will not be restricted by small-minded corporate 'rules'

And, of course, there's a few things you'd expect from Calvin himself: good looking girls, exotic locations, some late nights and even earlier mornings. has its own team of raving reporters - Becky the Ayre-Heads - who will give you the low-down from all the big gaming events around the world including interviews with the big players, debates on the big issues and, of course, VIP access to the best parties in town. Becky the Ayre-Heads will be uploading reports from: SASS, EGR Awards, ICE any others you want to invite the girls to.

If you want Becky the Ayre Heads to bring their camera crew to your gaming event email them at: Be involved!

Bodog founder and tablog creator, Calvin Ayre, invites you to join in: The industry enjoys plenty of customer facing news sites but nothing for us who work in the business to share, argue, shout and, most importantly, laugh, about what we do. There are always so many stories behind every conference - some deadly serious and some just deadly - and we want to provide a platform for all that in one space. As we all know the gaming industry is not a job it's a lifestyle.

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CONTACT: For further information pictures, please call: Calvin AyresPress Office (London) on +44-7825-064776, or email