In the parlance of those younger tech addicts of the acronym persuasion - OMG. Times a million.

You can be in Star Wars.

"Whaaaaaaaat?!?", you exclaim while knocking the X-Wing model on your desk over in your haste to push your glasses back up your nose and flip your Jedi robe back over your shoulders.

I would never joke about something as sacred as this. You can now participate in the re-creation of Star Wars IV: A New Hope. A new project called "Star Wars: Uncut" allows anyone, even this guy, to contribute to and participate in a re-creation of the first installment of the original series.

The entire movie is split up into 15 second clips; you just click on one of the scenes to claim it, film it, and upload it (you can claim up to 3 scenes). Naturally there are rules (see below). Who is the genius that came up with this idea? One Casey Pugh, located here. I definitely saw a naked guy, although he was blurred, in one of the scenes, as well as a original Batman TV-show-like fight sequence with words in bubbles (such as "WTF") and an obscenely ugly Princess Leia (although that may have been due to her manly appearance and 2-day chin stubble).

Watch a clip for examples:

Star Wars: Uncut Trailer from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.


  • You may only upload videos you have created yourself. Be creative! Please, no sexually explicit videos.

  • Music is not allowed.

  • Please try to avoid using the original Star Wars audio. Part of the fun is making the audio yourself, too!

  • After accepting your scene, you only have 30 days to complete it.

  • When recording your video, please do it in a 4:3 format (not widescreen). Not everyone has HD cameras!

  • Each scene is 15 seconds, so let's try to keep it exact. Going over or under a few seconds is fine.

  • Make sure the beginning and end of your scene matches up closely to the
    original. This will help make the final piece come out smoothly.

  • Have fun!

A hat tip doesn't seem sufficient for Slashdot's samzenpus for the tip-off.