Just when you thought you've heard every discrimination story in the book, another one comes along. The most recently persecuted group? Jedi Knights.

According to the story out of the UK, the "founder of a religion based on the Star Wars movies has accused Tesco of discrimination after he was ejected from one of their stores for wearing a hood.
Daniel Jones, 23, who founded the International Church of Jediism, was asked to leave the supermarket in Bangor, North Wales as his robes fell foul of Tesco rules which forbid the wearing of 'hoodies' in their premises. The leader of the Jedi Church was deemed a security risk by staff and was told to leave. In turn, Jones has accused Tesco of religious discrimination. "I told them it was a requirement of my religion but they just sniggered and ordered me to leave," he told The Daily Telegraph newspaper. "I walked past a Muslim lady in a veil. Surely the same rules should apply to everyone."

According to the rules of the International Church of Jediism, all members of the religion should wear a hood when in a public place.

Hinting at a threat of 'Store Wars' and a turn to the Dark Side should the ban continue, Jones, who also goes by the Jedi name Morda Hehol, said: "I'll advise worshippers to boycott Tesco if it happens again. They will feel the Force."
I sympathize with Mr. Jones - indeed, the same rules should apply to everyone.

These aren't the Doritos you're looking for.

But I have to admit, the response from Tesco was out of this galaxy. Score one for corporate Britain. A Tesco spokesman said: "Jedi are very welcome to shop in our stores although we would ask them to remove their hoods. If Jedi walk around our stores with their hoods on, they'll miss lots of special offers."

By the way, if you're wondering whether you'd be a Jedi Knight or Sith Lord, take this quiz and wonder no longer.

Tip of the lightsaber to samzenpus at Slashdot for the story.