Niko Alm has after a three year wait finally gotten permission to wear his religious head covering in his driver license photo - progress for religious freedom everywhere.

In Austria, a license or ID photo cannot show the person with her head covered, except if the person is religious, in which case law and order are not so important. Niko Alm, an entrepreneur and blogger, belongs to the holy church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which is the one and only true god, praise it and kill all infidels. Niko cannot possibly ascent to the one true Italian-mushroom sauce heaven if his driver license would show him naked. A pasta sieve must be worn.

It was three years ago in 2008 that Niko, wearing the respectful cover, brought his license application and photo personally to the Vienna authorities. This resulted in him being ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation in order to judge whether he is mentally stable enough to drive a car. We all should thank the authorities for this, as it renders traffic safer for all of us.

A devote one is blessed by the honorable high priest.

All people who insist on religious clothing should undergo such an evaluation and wait at least three years for their license approval. After all, most religions are irrational confusions only the somehow mentally challenged could possibly fall for – there is only one true Flying Spaghetti Monster, which is the one and only true god, praise it and kill all infidels!

A true god materializes to his followers from time to time, here to devour a plane.

Pastafarianism is a sect of the true interpretation of the true noodle faith, founded 2005 by the physicist Bobby Henderson. The sieve protects from harmful radiation, so tinfoil is not necessary.

The whole long story telling of the fight for his right to wear the sieve, actually starting already 2007, can be found in all detail on Niko’s blog, however, it is in German.

The Standard is supposed to have something in English, but I could not find it yet.