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- New Survey Finds That UK men are Harnessing the Passionate Power of Puddings

There was a time when inviting a date inside for coffee after dinner and a movie was considered the best way to woo a potential partner, but with cooking now considered a 'manly' pursuit thanks to the likes of macho TV chefs Gordon Ramsey and James Martin, it seems that British men are feeling the need to impress with their home-cooking skills and are harnessing the potential pulling power of puddings!

A new survey, commissioned by Farmhouse Fare, the award-winning Lancashire-based handmade puddings company, found that over 60%(1) of men would include a pudding as part of a romantic meal and a third admitted to actually feeding pudding to their partner, presumably with the aim of cooking up some pudding-fuelled passion...

And it's not just UK men who love their puddings. It seems that the whole nation are slaves to 'pudding passion' with 90% of all people surveyed stating that they love to eat puddings and over two-thirds claiming they find it impossible to resist a lovingly home-made pud. Chocolate also came out as the top choice for a pudding flavour.

According to the survey, romantic dinners are not the only occasions when our passion for pudding is indulged. The inclusive nature of puddings lend themselves to any celebration or get-together with friends and family, and it seems the nation are taking advantage of any opportunity to treat themselves, with two thirds of respondents stating they ate puddings at all diary dates such as Easter, Christmas and birthdays and over 77% of people saying they were more likely to eat puddings when they were with family - that's right, blame it on the kids!

Helen Colley, Founder of Farmhouse Fare, the experts in creating luxurious and indulgent puddings, comments: It's no surprise to me that the nation is so passionate about puddings, as I've loved them all of my life and grew up recreating my Great Grandmother's pudding recipes which still inspire me today. Although I did have a chuckle when I found out that men were using puds as a seduction tool as I've always created Farmhouse Fare's puddings with families in mind!

Having said that though, there are some truly indulgent treats in our new Autumn Range which would be perfect for special occasions and romantic dinners à deux. In particular our new Luxury Triple Chocolate Truffle Bread Butter Pudding or Luxury Sticky Chocolate Pudding would be ideal, because as the survey found, we're a nation who love chocolate. Also, because all of our puds are handmade using the best local ingredients, they could even be passed off as homemade by some enterprising young man.

--------------------------------- (1) All survey results are taken from a nationwide poll of 2000 respondents conducted by One Poll

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