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Introduction To Radiation

Given the general fear regarding radiation levels around Japan, this seems the perfect time to...

Nuclear Reactions For Beginners: How Reactors Operate

See Nuclear Reactions for Beginners to get an introduction to the basic concepts...

Nuclear Reactions For Beginners

To get a basic understanding of nuclear reactions, a high school level knowledge of a few basic...

A rather detailed rant on fission-based nuclear energy

"So whats wrong with going Nuclear," was what I thought was an innocent question to a friend, who...

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A computer engineer from South Africa currently busy studying nuclear engineering.... Read More »


One of the fundamental assumptions underlying the human quest for knowledge is that we can somehow logically answer questions we have about anything. This is a very pragmatic assumption and has given rise to the amazing and often destructive spectacles that we as a species have developed, but please be aware that this assumption is just that – an assumption.