Two photonic properties - spin and OAM1- have been teleported together for the first time ever. The breakthrough was achieved by Chaoyang Lu, Jian-Wei Pan and their team at University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei.

The team teleported the composite quantum states of a single photon encoded in both its spin and OAM1. For successful teleportation, three entangled pairs of photons were used.
The entangled pairs were created by the usual method of shining a strong UV pulsed laser on three non-linear crystals.

  1. A platform for huge advancement in quantum communication and computation protocols.
  2. Teleporting multiple quantum properties is an integral part of even faster futuristic quantum computers.

Expert Speak:
Jian-Wei Pan, who was also involved in the world's first ever successful teleportation back in 1997, says that the principle involved can be generalized to more photonic properties like momentum, time and frequency.

1Orbital Angular Momentum

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