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About blue- Graduated from Univ. of Colorado in 1978 with masters in mathematics, specializing in General Relativity and Singularities. Decided to join the real world and have been living on the wetter backside of the Continental Divide since then. My wife and I own a busy real estate company. I still have my love for science. Time restraints keep me from doing much reading or research. Through the years, I have tried to get a handle on quantum mechanics. I have had the pleasure of meeting with some of the leaders in the field to thank them for their contributions and ask a few questions. In Spring of 2010, I composed a booklet called “E is for Elephant” which has biographical information and a summary of my impressions concerning quantum mechanics. Part of the goal was/is to create a booklet on “the lessons of the quantum” that is aesthetically appealing. It has to be exactly a multiple of four pages so that one can print it on 11x17 tabloid size paper and then fold and saddle-stitch it. My reason for registering here is to dialog effectively with Johannes Koelman concerning Erik Verlinde’s thermodynamic direction for deriving fundamental physics. Eventually, I will condense what I learn from Johannes and others and add a new leaf (4 pages) to the “E is for Elephant” booklet. It is available online as a PDF ready for printing at the following address, which also has an HTML version of the same: I find entropy-driven physics to be rather satisfying because one can use it to understand everyday things. Whether it can also take one to the heart of fundamental physics is open for debate. If an expert like Leonard Susskind can work in the netherworlds of strings and branes and come back with something like the quantum elephant never forgets, I think that is very curious. My earliest significant teacher on entropy and forms of energy was the ecologist Howard T. Odum. If someone recognizes his name, I will be pleasantly surprised and motivated to post a bit about him, his wife Elizabeth and their passions.
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