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This blog includes topics that may not be related to anthropology. I chose that category for lack of a better one.

I am not a professional anthropologist, and I doubt that one would agree with most of my ideas about that topic.

ANTHROPOLGY - 1593, coined from Gk. anthropo- (see anthropo-) + -logia "study of."

Science is the product of critical thinking. Honest criticism, especially the undiplomatic kind that comes from ones adversaries, can help one learn and improve oneself, so I gladly receive and offer it.

I welcome others' honest opinions, but not ad hominem attacks (I already know that I am a skeptical, poorly educated and "politically incorrect and insensitive" amateur whose knowledge, writing skills, proficiency, competence, intelligence and sanity are below average for this forum).

I love:
People and all other Living Things
Racial Diversity and Conservation
Free Speech
Peace between all Governments and Ethnic Groups
I hope that my ideas will contribute to them.

I admire Charles Darwin and Wernher von Braun. I also side with underdogs, e.g., honest outcasts like eugenicist William Shockley and World War II historian David Irving[1], so I expect to be banned from any forum in which I participate. How quickly depends on how politically tolerant the censor is.

There are two kinds of historians, anthropologists and other scientists:
(1) exploitative charlatans and pseudo-scientists who invent facts and history in order to promote their political, economic and other agendas, e.g., read the article about Aspartame at
(2) noble "scientific" historians, anthropologists, etc., who compassionately try to serve humanity by getting to the root of things. They are sometimes considered too "controversial" and offensive for polite society.

Are the wars against Muslim nations and the obstruction of scientific research (as in the case of stem cell research and Kennewick Man[2] evidence that the mass broadcast media of civilized nations (and therefore the "democratic" governments which the media influences voters to elect) is in the hands of our exploiters?[3]


1. Excerpts from David Irving's book about his Survival as a Political Prisoner in 21st Century Europe are at .

2. See

3. See

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