Please visit this site, and watch a ten seconds video which is very aggressive in its crude substance: during the time you watch it, two children die of hunger.

There are in the world today a billion human beings who have insufficient means to sustain themselves, their families, their children. This is so intolerable that we use to remove it from our brain. Can you imagine your child dying of hunger as you watch powerless ?

One, two, three, four, five. If we gave names, faces, stories to these children who die in silence while we trash half of our oversized meal, while we burn gas to get home one minute earlier, while we leave our lights on as we get out, things would be different. If we gave them a chance to tell us one word in our deaf ears, we would be forced to listen. That is why we do not. We remove it from our collective conscience, from our newspapers, from television. We pretend poverty is not there. Not just poverty: dire straits of misery, the fight for daily survival.

Count to five, and visit that site. The goal is to reach one billion clicks, to say no to hunger. Let us give strength to those who fight hunger while we hide it from our sight.