This is going to be a short post where I confess my recent troubles with keeping everything going on at full speed in my life, while the workload constantly grows.

I believe it is a temporary problem -I have experienced the same situation in the past- but I feel swamped by a few things that have piled up. So today, rather than reading on a new physics result or a new article on the arxiv, you are going to find here a list of the things I am not attending in order to write this short post. In random order:

  1. I have a undergraduate thesis to correct.
  2. I also need to write a reference letter for him, by next Sunday.
  3. There is a 100 pages paper in internal review by CDF and I am a member of the review committee.
  4. I need to finish a paper on the Look-Elsewhere effect, and meanwhile a quite similar effort by two distinguished statisticians from ATLAS appeared on the arxiv.
  5. I need to answer a question for the CMS statistics committee.
  6. I need to answer two further questions by people I pretend to be helping in their analysis work.
  7. I have about 800 unread messages in my mailbox, and they do not look like spam.
  8. I have lost touch with all the blogs I pretend to be following.
  9. There is a book proposal languishing on my desktop.
  10. There is another book which requires revision and some rewriting.
  11. I have not managed to start analyzing the 7 TeV data from CMS yet
  12. The Higgs analysis that my PhD student is bringing forward is not receiving any help from my side
  13. And I could go on... and on...
But I need to tell you one thing about me: I am not frightened by such a list: I will manage. In the meantime, I still enjoy my family and kids, spend time with friends, and can still relax. So, this blog is not in the least a reason of any of the above items lagging behind!