I am currently running an experiment, with multiple aims. I have created a new blog in wordpress, where I intend to publish a translation to modern Greek of selected articles that I have written in the past. The first attempt is already there (work is in progress, though, given my multiple occupations these days). In the blog I also offer to translate older posts on demand.

The experiment will allow me to improve my mastering of scientific lexicon in Greek. I know it is going to be a bumpy road, but I am determined to pursue it... In the meantime, the blog will allow me to gauge the demand for such a thing. Since the Greek-speaking users of the web are about three orders of magnitude fewer than the English-speaking users, I do not expect to be overwhelmed... On the other hand, I would love to translate my best posts in as many languages as possible.

A question arises: why not Italian ? Why not Spanish, French, ... ? Well, the answer is that my time is limited. While the three mentioned languages are ones I know or intend to know better, I cannot invest time in translations other than the one I decided to allocate for my learning of Greek. But if you are an able and willing native speaker of a foreign language and you would like to translate some posts, drop me a line.