The following text has been offered as a followup of the Higgs observation by the LHC experiments, which finds a signal at a mass compatible with the pre-discovery predictions made some time ago by Vladimir Khachatryan - ones which I published in this blog. - T.D.

Considerations following the Higgs boson discovery - Ashay Dharwadker

We are pleased to know that our theoretical predictionof the Higgs Boson mass of 126 GeV, also announced in a guest post by Vladimir Khachatryan on this blog, is indeed in very good agreement with the recent announcements by the CMSand ATLAS experiments at CERN. Even as rumours were afoot about the impending discovery of the Higgs Boson at the LHC, physicist Marni Sheppeard wrote a series of posts about our theory (cf. through the looking glass , so,a condensate Higgs ):

"So the observed Higgs Boson mass simply agrees with Dharwadker and Khachatryan's condensate formula

mH = ( mW - + mZ 0+ mW + ) / 2

where a pair of Higgs Bosons form a Cooper pair and undergo Bose condensation attaining the lowest energy state possible. Anyway, a Standard Model Higgs was always essentially a condensate. But if we can elaborate further onthe structure of this condensate, perhaps with our zoo of mirror particles, then in what sense does the Higgs exist? It exists because it reproduces the SM cross section correctly, as observed at the LHC. That's what matters. After all these decades, the Standard Model finally finds its home."

Let us briefly summarize our Grand Unified Theory based upon the proofof the Four Color Theorem . We show that the mathematical proof of the four color theorem directly implies the existence of the standard model, together with quantum gravity in its physical interpretation. Conversely,the experimentally observable standard model and quantum gravity show that Nature applies the mathematical proof of the four colour theorem at the most fundamental level. We preserve all the established working theories of physics: Planck's Quantum Mechanics, the Schrödinger wave equation, Einstein's Special and General Relativity, Maxwell's Electromagnetism, Feynman's Quantum Electrodynamics (QED), the Weinberg-Salam-Ward Electroweak model and Glashow-Iliopoulos-Maiani's Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). We build upon these theories, unifying all of them with Einstein's law of gravity. Quantum gravity is a direct and unavoidable consequence of the theory. The main construction of the Steiner system in the proof of the four colour theorem already defines the gravitational fields of all the particles of the standard model.

Our first goal is to construct all the particles constituting the classic standard model, in exact agreement with Veltman and 't Hooft's description. In this description, the standard model is already renormalized, so we have no quarrel with physicists who favor the perturbative approach. We are able to predict the exact mass of the Higgs Boson and the CP violation and mixing angle of weak interactions, aka the Weinberg angle. We are also able to calculate the values of the Cabibbo angle and CKM matrix for strong interactions. Our second goal is to construct the gauge groups and explicitly calculate the gauge coupling constants of the force fields. We show how the gauge groups are embedded in a sequence along the cosmological timeline in the grand unification:

SU(5) → SU(3) → SU(2) → U(1)

Then, we calculate the mass ratios of the particles of the standard model. Thus, the mathematical proof of the four color theorem shows that the grand unification of the standard model with quantum gravity is complete, and rules out the possibility of finding any other kinds of particles.

We also show that the theory can be obtained entirely in terms of the Poincarégroup of isometries of space-time . We define the space and time chiralities of all spin 1/2 Fermions in agreement with Dirac's relativistic wave equation. All the particles of the standard model now correspond to irreducible representations of the Poincaré group according to Wigner's classification. We construct the Steiner system of Fermions and show how the Mathieu group acts as the group of symmetries of the fundamental building blocks of matter.

Finally, we show how to calculate Einstein's Cosmological Constant using the topological properties of the gauge in the Grand Unified Theory. We calculate the exact percentages of ordinary baryonic matter, dark matter and dark energy in the universe. These values are in perfect agreement with the seven-year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe(WMAP) observations. Thus dark matter, dark energy and the cosmological constant are intrinsic properties of the gauge in the Grand Unified Theory.