Just a quick note today, on getting DIY stuff done.  Schedules are better than plans.  Just blocking out the time during which you will tackle a task is more important than figuring out how you're going to do it.

This applies to writing also.  All the proposal work and outlining won't get your book down.  Being forced to sit down and type will get your book done.

For a large project, you need to have a plan because you have multiple people involved.  Even in an Agile setup, you need a project plan.  "Agile" isn't an excuse for no planning or for laziness.  However, once that's set up, it's too easy to fall into the trap of making plans, 'to do' lists, and task orders-- and find the work has slipped past you.

Whereas, if you are scheduled to work on a task, you will find yourself actually getting it done.  For me, this means a) always post an update on Tuesdays and b) always spend some time at my homemade lab bench.

That I always post here on Tuesdays means I have to have something to post about, which gives me an incentive to keep the project moving forward.  Forcing myself to be at the lab bench means the satellite build always progresses.

This wouldn't happen if I kept reading things, making plans, strategizing, developing concepts, and similar useful-- but not generative-- thought work.  Night is for thinking, day is for doing.

As put by Napoleon, "amateurs talk strategy, experts talk logistics".

wrapping up the fundraiser (for better or worse)  last call for contributions!