From Esquire magazine, 1949:

"A word to the wives is sufficient.  And the word is NO.  When you have serious shopping to do, leave the pretty things at home.  They can call in a few harpies from the neighborhood, set up a Kaffee-klatsch, tear a few reputations to ribbons, and be as happy as birds."

Now, this is not a Sciencetatorship, you are welcome to go ahead and use these sentiments despite me cautioning against it, but be forewarned that this was meant to be funny even in 1949.  And it's still funny.   But in 1949 they didn't have No Fault divorce laws and community property.  

So use some judgment - a girlfriend under age 30 will probably put up with it, a wife of a few years will likely put you on the couch, but a wife over 7 years could well be sipping fruity umbrella drinks on the beach with a cabana boy while you raise the kids if you use these words in a group of friends and you are not packing flowers, some jewelry and a smile.

This Santa did not heed my sage wisdom.