A group of people are joining together for the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York’s World Trade Center to discover whether their 'collective intention' can bring peace to the world.

What does that even mean?  The 9/11 Intention Experiment is the latest of 23 Web-based experiments carried out by author Lynne McTaggart to try and test the power of thought to change the physical world.

Yes, you read that right - telekinesis. Or mind control.  I'm not sure.  She doesn't look like that lady in "V" but it sounds like kind of the same approach - make the world a better place by controlling what people do. Except in a nicer way, we hope.

"V" may be cancelled but Morena Baccarin will control your thoughts in some other show.

Thousands of volunteers from 90 countries around the world have participated in the past (via the Web) and they claim to have measured group thought effect on the growth of plants, the essential properties of water and living things, fixing polluted water and lowering violence in a war-torn area.

Psychologist Dr. Gary Schwartz and a team at the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona reported their results at a recent Society for Scientific Exploration conference. This new experiment is being monitored and measured by participants from the Universities of California, Arizona and Princeton. 

The 9/11 Peace Intention Experiment will take place in a 20-minute period ( starting  at 1 PM Eastern US time) every day for eight days (starting today), replicating McTaggart’s 2008 Peace Intention Experiment in Sri Lanka, which they correlated to a 74 percent reduction of violence after the experiment.

Monitoring the effects will be Schwartz, University of St. Petersburg State University physicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Dr. Roger Nelson, director of the Global Consciousness Project and Prof. Jessica Utts from the University of California at Irvine, who they cite as 'an expert on statistical analysis of consciousness research'.

Want to give it a shot? Register at: www.intentionexperiment911.com.