Suidobashi Heavy Industry of Japan has finally found a way to make (a) work or (b) laser tag interesting to me; put me inside a giant robot. 

But to get the "Kuratas mecha" you will have to spend $1.35 million. You will want to, because they have a polite, hot Japanese girl in shorts in their video. 

Its diesel engine sends it at an elegant 10 KPH clip, basically a decent walking pace.  But these are too cool to run in.  No one looks cool running so until it can fly or turn into a motorcyle, a cool pace will do.

This thing is huge.  Granted, the girl in the video is probably only 4 feet tall but look at the scale of it:

Ironically, once inside, they are most concerned about you wearing a helmet as you smite invading Zentraedi. I mean, you are in a giant robot tank.  That is one big bullseye for alien gunships.

Seriously, is this not the best wargame device ever?  Will they take a credit card for that $1.35 million?  Our navy is spending $6 billion for one new destroyer.  For that money we could have two brigades of soldiers running around in these.  And the HUD is cool:

I need to buy one before this gets banned because some sociopath who couldn't even get a membership in a gun club got NIH funding and used it to shoot up a movie theater.  Plus, it's GREEN:

Safe? Not when I am done retrofitting it.  The best part?  I can set it so all I have to do is smile and bad guys go down in a hail of BB gunfire:

Please exit carefully after you have saved all of the protoculture from an alien civilization:

No kidding?