It's not right for cobia not to be carnivorous but researchers in Baltimore have scientifically modified these fish so that they no longer occupy their usual place in nature's circle of life: they are now unnatural vegetarians.

During four years of experimentation, these "scientists" created a synthetic mixture using taurine, a chemical found in human energy drinks, plant-based (not fish) proteins and fatty acids and fed it to these unsuspecting creatures and it ruined their diets; they became addicted to this new Frankenfood and changed their feeding patterns.

The scientists tried to put some positive spin on their abomination of nature. Scientist Allen Place told Darryl Fears at the Washington Post that “It would take the pressure off harvesting the menhaden fishery” - meaning cobia would stop eating them, as they have done naturally for millions of years. 

The science groups determined to run us off a biological cliff insist that natural aquaculture alone cannot sustainably feed billions of people in the future because it takes more fish to feed the fish that feed people than there are fish available, and they say their newfangled diet would solve that problem. But what Pandora's Box are we opening? It is a slippery slope because they are using plant-based proteins in organisms that are not plants.

Cobia have been unnaturally transmogrified by science into an unnatural lich of their former selves. Image: Cheryl Nemazie

These modern day alchemists are trying to put the best face on their efforts to bastardize nature, claiming, as always, that society will be healthier by having humans eating more fish due to safer fish farming. “Right now, you are only supposed to eat striped bass once every two weeks,” said Place. “You can eat aquaculture-raised fish twice a week because levels are so low.”

But is this new chemical brew toxic? How long has it been tested? Should scientists be experimenting on these fish without oversight from people outside the clique of government and corporate scientists?  

Citation: Aaron M. Watson, Frederic T. Barrows, Allen R. Place, 'Taurine Supplementation of Plant Derived Protein and n-3 Fatty Acids are Critical for Optimal Growth and Development of Cobia, Rachycentron canadum', Lipids July 3rd, 2013 DOI: 10.1007/s11745-003-3814-2