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Giant electrical circuits power the magical open-air light show of the auroras, forming arcs in high-latitude regions like Scandinavia. New results obtained thanks to ESA's Cluster satellites provide a new insight into the source of the difference between the two types of electrical circuits currently known to be associated to the auroral arcs.

The deep mechanisms that rule the creation of the beautiful auroras, or polar lights, have been the subject of studies that are keeping solar and plasma scientists busy since years.

Africa is being torn apart. And as Ethiopia's rift valley grows slowly wider, an international team of scientists is taking a unique opportunity to plot the progress of continents on the move.

The 28-strong team is led by University of Leeds geophysicist Dr Tim Wright, who has secured a £2.5 million grant from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) to study the seismic events taking place in the remote Afar desert of Northern Ethiopia.

It's here that two mighty shelves of continental crust, the African and Arabian plates, meet -- and are tearing the landscape apart.

3D view of satellite radar measurements of how the ground moved in September 2005.

Can you judge a man's faithfulness by his face? How about whether he would be a good father, or a good provider? math whiz Garth Sundem was on Good Morning America today - even better, Diane Sawyer referred to him as both 'genius' and 'charming.' I bet she says that to all the writers! Garth talked about his book, Geek Logik and did live demos of his equations. Congratulations, Garth!