Vampires, Mummies, Ghosts, Zombies - we have it all today. Not all of these articles are exactly new(s), some of them are even old, but they're all science.

So if you're a Goth chick, you won't want to read Are Vampires Real? Physics Professor Drives Scientific Stake Into The Heart Of Supernatural Myths  but if you're trick or treating anyway, make sure to wear clothes made from fabric that glows.

Want to know more about vampires, even if they don't exist?  Check out Bloodsucker Myths&Movies: Vampires Throughout The Ages.

In a party mood?   Here's How To Host a Mad Scientist Halloween Party and we can even help you dress for the occasion in The Science Behind The Perfect Costume: From Homemade Miracles To Storebought Extravagance

If you get scared, there are reasons it happens, as you can learn about it in Goosebumps: The Physiology And Psychology Of Fear

Learn all about the animals associated with Halloween in Go Wild With These Facts And Myths About Halloween's Favorite Animals

With all of those women running around in sexy Witch costumes, you might wonder why witchcraft stays in the cultural consciousness.  Belief in Witchcraft And Magic Serves A 'Basic Human Need,' this theory goes.   No insight into why the other 50 percent of women will be wearing sexy Nurse costumes.

If you can't be bothered to stay here for your Halloween reading, the author who writes Cocktail Party Physics wrote a whole book on the physics of the Buffy Universe. None of us read it but it's probably good, because it's about Buffy ( Faith - editor ).

If you know of other sites with Halloween science we should mention, don't hesitate to speak up. Or you could all continue to read and never comment, as usual.