Vampires, Mummies, Ghosts, Zombies - we have it all today.   We even have costumes.   Why?  Halloween, like everything else great in life, has a science aspect to it.

Not everyone likes science, of course, but we do.   So if you're a Goth chick, you won't want to read Are Vampires Real? Physics Professor Drives A Scientific Stake Into The Heart Of Supernatural Myths  but everyone else might.  Want to know more about vampires, even if they don't exist?  Check out Bloodsucker Myths&Movies: Vampires Throughout The Ages.  

 The only thing that scares us in real life (let's face it, skinny weirdos calling themselves vampires are not that scary) are haunted houses - and we're not alone.   The search for ghosts continues to this day.   Can Hauntings be Verified by Science?   You decide.

If you get scared, there are reasons it happens, as you can learn about in Goosebumps: The Physiology And Psychology Of Fear.   I am sure if I saw a ghost, I'd be scared too, unless I had my friendly pet with me.  Which pet would be best?  Learn all about the animals of Halloween in Go Wild With These Facts And Myths About Halloween's Favorite Animals.   

I'm not a ghost guy and won't go near a haunted house but witches are okay with me.   With all of those women running around in sexy Witch costumes, you might wonder why witchcraft stays in the cultural consciousness.  Belief in Witchcraft And Magic Serves A 'Basic Human Need,' this theory goes.   No insight into why the other 50 percent of women will be wearing sexy Nurse costumes.

See a ridiculously comprehensive breakdown of witch imagery throughout the history of popular culture at

If you're like most scientists, you are a party animal.   If you had a rockin' all-night seminar on Euclidean geometry last weekend and don't want to be redundant tonight, here's How To Host a Mad Scientist Halloween Party and we can even help you dress for the occasion in The Science Behind The Perfect Costume: From Homemade Miracles To Storebought Extravagance

Send us a picture!   We're having a Halloween costume contest.   There's prizes and stuff.

These are just three of the awesome costumes present at our Halloween party.

If you're more the trick or treating type, make sure to wear clothes made from fabric that glows.

Still haven't had enough Halloween-ish science?   

Get pharmacological  and read Just In Time For Halloween - Garlic Wards Off Vampires And Is Good For Your Heart Too.   Space science doesn't  want to be left out.   That's why they call The Celestial Mandrill a 'cosmic ghost.'  And take a look at Abell 521 - A Ghostly Galaxy Cluster Just In Time For Halloween.

When it's all over, be sure to read the Top 10 Scientific Uses for Leftover Halloween Candy.  The last thing you want to do is eat it, right?  Here's a science experiment we dare you to try ... 

If you know of other sites with Halloween science we should mention, don't hesitate to speak up. Or you could all continue to read and never comment, as usual.