For most Americans, holiday season is food season. Much of it, like holiday cookies, chocolate santas, mashed potatoes, buttered rolls, is unarguably delicious. Some of it, like fruitcake, is merely something to endure. You can decide for yourself to which of the two categories these unusual foodie gifts suggested by Fox News belong. Either way, I think the Squid Ink Bread is by far the weirdest:

SQUID BREAD - Not shaped like a squid or made with a squid, but jet black bread
colored with squid ink. Artisanal Los Angeles bakery BreadBar also offers Black-Gold bread topped with edible gold leaf. The squid ink gives the dough a faint briny taste that is ideal with seafood.

Might you say . . . briny with a rich seafood essence?

With the gold leaf on top, I really . . . wow, I really don't have anything to say.

Happy Holidays, I guess!