A couple of years ago, during one of these flurries of Humboldt squid activity in the Pacific Northwest, people were reporting headless squid bodies on the beach. It turned out that at least one and possibly several local wolves had caught on to the protein bonanza, and were carrying squid heads home for a calamari feast.

Fun squid fact: squid heads are generally not very well attached to their bodies, so if you grab the head and pull, you'll often leave the body behind. This is probably what was happening to the wolves, and they weren't motivated enough to come back for the bodies.

This year, the bears have figured it out, but this guy looks like he won't have to settle for just the head:

Fun (and unrelated) black bear fact: During hibernation, they do not eat, drink, defecate, or urinate--but females give birth to and nurse their young! Isn't that wild?