Bloomberg calls it "South Pacific's Cruelest Catch":
Yusril says the officers hit him in the face with fish and the boatswain repeatedly kicked him in the back for using gloves when he was sewing the trawl nets in cold weather. Most unnervingly, the second officer would crawl into the bunk of Yusril’s friend at night and attempt to rape him.
The abuse is horrible and wrong, no matter what kind of fish they're catching or where it's ending up, but the reason this particular story caught my eye is--
Squid was one of the most common seafood species caught by fishermen held on the Melilla boats, according to Yusril and other crew members.
A lot of this squid is imported into the U.S. and served at restaurants like PF Chang's.

Unfortunately, fishermen being forced to work as slaves for little or no pay is all too common.